New Builds NEW BUILD 038

Week 35

Click on any of the images below to view in more detail.

Painting of the after deck around the net drums has been progressing 

Another view of the aft deck and net drum hydraulic pipework 

The centre console has now been built into the wheelhouse 

The temporary floor has been removed from the fish room 

The first layer of insulation between the fish room and engine room is then attached 

The wooden framework for the polyurethane insulation is now being built 

The fish washer has been installed on the shelter deck 

Supports are being built for the non-slip floor plates in the shelter deck 

A chance to see the for'ard winch hydraulics while lighting is on 

The ice making machine is now in position 

Two net ponds have been built on the aft upper deck 

The nozzle has arrived and been off-loaded