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As one of the biggest employers in Whitby and North Yorkshire, where we have our headquarters, we strongly believe in giving back to support the cultural and economic vibrancy of the area.

We do this by contributing to the development of employment and skills, providing wider, permanent job opportunities within an economy largely dominated by seasonal, tourism-based work. We take on a number of apprentices and provide them with invaluable training and the potential to build long-term careers.

We also collaborate with local organisations including Derwent Training, Yorkshire Coast College and the not-for-profit Whitby & District Fishing Industry Training School, for which we help to facilitate student visits that enhance their learning with an insight into shipbuilding-related skills in a real industrial environment.

We also regularly support events and initiatives designed to enhance the cultural vibrancy of Whitby and its surrounding area, with donations and direct involvement. In 2018, we contributed towards an exhibition at the town’s Captain Cook Museum, which celebrated the legacy of the legendary Captain James Cook, the quintessential local apprentice mariner who went on to make history with his expeditions that led to the discovery of much of our known world. Our Managing Director Jim Morrison presented at the opening of the exhibition, about the importance of this marine heritage locally and its significance to companies like ours that are keeping it alive today.