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Steve McCarthy

Position: Chargehand Painter

Steve joined the firm back in 2007 as a general painter and labourer, he was later joined by his two sons,  one an extremely skilled fabricator and the other an equally skilled engineer and later his nephew, who has followed in Steve's "brush strokes".     Steve and his skillful team ensure that every new build leaves Parkol's yard with a paint finish, both interior and exterior that is second none.   It is a testament to his and his team's skill, workmanship and attention to detail that when trawlers come back to the yard their paintwork is still going strong.     

I take a huge amount of pride & satisfaction from seeing the finish on these boats, I treat each one as a Rolls Royce, I am also impressed at the skill my team have at sign writing the names and logos on the trawlers, often the skipper's want extra details like family names which mean a lot to them when they are away from home. I am also hugely proud that my lads have followed me to Parkol, truly a family business.