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Osprey was launched on the 6th March 2020 in Whitby just before the UK went into lockdown. She is a 19 Metre Vivier Crabber built for Holborn Fishing Company Ltd and and will be fishing out of her home port of Scrabster with a crew of 8 men. 

The boat is a steel hulled motor fishing vessel, of double double chine, transom stern, bulbous bow, soft nose stem and with full length shelter, arranged for static gear creel fishing, fitted with a vivier tank and dry hold, and manned by a crew of 8 men.

Below deck is subdivided by four watertight bulkheads into: aft accommodation with steering gear, engine room, vivier, hold and forepeak.

The main deck has a aft steel galley, mess and washroom casing. Creel hauling position at starboard, forward. The shelter is non-weathertight, aluminium. Aluminium, aft wheelhouse, and fore mast on shelter.


Photo credit: Mike Upton

Build Number #48

Vivier Crabber

Holborn Fishing Company
Home Port: Scrabster

Class: SeaFish Industry Authority Rules for the Construction of Steel Fishing Vessels of less than 24 Metres Registered Length

Completed: March 2020

Technical Specification
Hull Material:
Main Engine:
Mitsubishi S6A3-MPTAW
Reintjes WAF 274L 7.044:1 reduction gearbox
Length OA:
Beam MLD:
Moulded Depth:
Osp 01 1024x683 Mike Upton
Osp 22 1024x819 Mike Upton

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