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We completed the Summer Rose trawler in the Spring of 2018.

She was the third vessel commissioned from Parkol by seasoned skipper and boat owner John MacAlister, to fish out of Oban in the West of Scotland.

John is CEO of three sister fishing companies: John MacAlister (Oban) Ltd, the Star Fishing Company and the Q VARL Fishing company, all of which specialise in catching scallops around the coast of the UK, mainly for the European market.

The Summer Rose expanded his 10-vessel-strong fleet, and was build to a unique design by our specialist marine architect Ian Paton.

“It features the first full Mitsubishi engine package to be supplied in the UK by Padmos of Holland. It’s built to the very top spec for both power and safety,” said John.

John has chosen to invest in further expanding his fleet at a time of great fishing industry optimism based on burgeoning stocks and other factors.

We service UK coastal fishing fleets from the North and Scotland, including Shetland and Orkney, right down as far as Penzance and Cornwall. We both build and maintain the boats that make up these fleets and such is our reputation that trawler owners like John will travel 36 hours from the North and 60 hours up from the South to have their vessels serviced.

As well as new boat builds and maintenance, we fit custom-designed equipment that can reduce fuel costs by up to 30 per cent, and it is innovations like this that this that are contributing to the rapid growth of our order book.

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