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The Victory Rose forms part of the first new dedicated white fish pair trawler team to be built for owners in England for some time and is now fishing alongside her sistership Our Lass III WY 261, also built by Parkol. The Victory Rose’s completion marked the 30th anniversary year for its Yorkshire owners, Lockers Trawlers Ltd, who have been fishermen since the 1970s.

The fifth newbuild we have completed for the Locker family, based in our Whitby hometown, this vessel was a significant one for them because it marked not only an important milestone but also the culmination of 10 years of collaboration with the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) Areas IVa and IVb on sustainable fishing methods and the management of stock such as cod off the UK coast. As a result of the proactive efforts of companies like Lockers, who have supported research into stocks by participating in audits and supplying relevant data through industry/scientific and government partnerships North Sea cod has now been awarded Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, the ecolabel certifying that the fishery is sustainable and at maximum sustainable yield (MSY) level.

The Victory Rose is also part of a succession strategy that will safeguard the future of the Lockers’ business for generations to come.

Company director Andrew Locker said: “We were overjoyed with Our Lass III when she was launched back in 2013, and now we are over the moon with sister ship the Victory Rose. It’s an identical ship to Our Lass III with a mirror-image design, the way the space is utilised is so effective and the crew are more than happy.

“But the really outstanding thing with the Victory Rose is that she is unbelievably powerful, much more so than we ever imagined possible. Parkol’s marine architect Ian Paton is an absolute genius. He talked us into choosing a more technologically advanced propeller, with astonishing results.”

Ian advised the Lockers throughout the design phase, and recommended using a superior propulsion system that is able to grip more water and create additional thrust. “We’re glad we trusted Ian’s expertise, the boat is one knot on average faster than Our Lass III with an average speed of approximately 11 knots yet burns less fuel, it’s incredible,” Andrew added.

For a trawler that is out at sea for more than 280 days a year, reduced fuel consumption is obviously a huge boon. And business is certainly booming for the Lockers, Andrew said: “We’re considering updating Our Lass III to match Victory Rose, they work as pair so it would make sense. We’ve already got another build slot booked in with Parkol, and there’s a chance we’ll actually look at commissioning two new builds at the same time, either taking the existing design to another level or starting afresh with a completely new design.”

Nominated in the ‘Boat of the Year’ category of the 2017 Fishing News Awards, our resident marine architect Ian Paton designed the Victory Rose as a multi-purpose fishing vessel capable of pair trawling and single/twin rigging, built specifically to harvest the growing populations of demersal fish stocks using efficient and environmentally sound practices.

She will also contribute to the family’s ‘net to plate’ supply chain, through sister company Lockers Fish, based in Whitby and distributing to wholesale and retail outlets across the UK.

She was formally launched at our Whitby quayside in July 2017, before heading out to fish off Peterhead in Scotland. The vessel was named by co-owner Sheila Locker in front of 300 guests and blessed by Peterhead Fishermen's Mission Superintendent Steve Murray. A symbol of the family’s fishing heritage, the boat is named after the vessel originally operated by Sheila’s husband Arnold’s Uncle Alf.

By managing our own pair-team in conjunction with her sister ship Our Lass III, we can fully utilise our quota and fish according to market fluctuations and annual fishing patterns.

Both vessels will use the government-approved Fully Documented Fisheries Scheme (FDF), so that every fish that comes aboard either Our Lass III or Victory Rose will have to be logged, recorded and retained.

Parkol and Lockers have a historic relationship that is now into its second generation for both of the family-owned businesses and I can see this continuing well into the future. To be able to have a top of the range vessel built just down the road is brilliant, I can literally just go to the yard and be hands on with the build. It’s fantastic for the local community to have two Whitby-based marine businesses that are really flourishing.

Andrew Locker, company director.

Whitefish pair trawler

Lockers Trawlers Ltd
Home Port: Peterhead

Class: Seafish Construction standards for vessels 15 – 24 metre registered

Completed: June 2017

Technical Specification
Hull Material:
Round Bilge
Main Engine:
Mitsubishi T2 S6R2
Hydraulic Engine:
Doosan L126TI
Auxiliary Engine:
Mitsubishi S6B3
Reintjes 7.476:1 reduction
Nozzle Diameter:
Length OA:
Beam MLD:
Moulded Depth:
10.5 knots
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