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St George’s Trawler PZ1053

We completed an extensive engine room renewal and general refurbishment on the 34.8m, Newlyn-based St George’s beam trawler in December 2017.

Our dedicated team of professionals are skilled in all types of repair and modification, from routine maintenance and breakdowns, to specialised one-off projects like wheelhouse and casement enlargements and replacements, vessel lengthening and sheltering, vessel fishing type conversions, fuel efficiency upgrades, custom-made nozzles, engine replacement and hull shape modifications.

We can deliver typical fuel efficiency savings of between 15 and 25 per cent by assessing and tailoring solutions for propulsion systems (including engines, gearboxes, propellers and nozzles) to each individual vessel. We also design and build in-house, custom-made propeller nozzles, ranging from 1300 to 2700 mm in diameter. Other related services include propeller refurbishment, vessel unit fabrication, shell plate replacement, stability assessment, ballast alterations, conversion of engine-cooling systems, sea-keeping improvements, hull blasting and metallisation, and upgrades and installations of fish-handling equipment and conveyors.

With our own dry dock facility at Whitby, we can carry out works both in and out of the water, and both our yards are fitted with the latest manufacturing and lifting equipment so that we can take care of everything from routine vessel maintenance and painting, to complete overhaul and large-scale re-modelling.

Engine and gearbox repairs, servicing and reconditioning

We can help to maximise the lifespan of a vessel through annual servicing and maintenance, including rebuilding, repurposing and reconditioning this kit to make sure it is delivering to its maximum potential for safety, performance and fuel efficiency. By conducting a drivetrain analysis on any older vessel, we can assess its current performance and make recommendations for improving its power, speed and fuel efficiency.

We also shotblast, waterblast, metallise and resurface vessels to help protect their long-term structural integrity.

Vessel re-design and re-modelling

We can completely re-design and re-model boats to meet the developing needs of their owners, including shell plate replacement and altering hull lines, wheelhouse and casing replacement, repurposing (for example, turning trawlers into gill netters), lengthening to increase fish hold capacity, and complete re-fits to modernise and bring older boats into line with modern standards.

Grant-finding assistance

We have extensive experience of the requirements of grant-making bodies like the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and can assist customers in completing grant applications by providing detailed scope of works and estimates for modifications that enhance fuel efficiency, crew comfort, safety, and catch quality.

Cost-benefit analysis

If you own a vessel that has been in service for a number of years and are wondering whether to repair, re-model or replace it, we can carry out a thorough analysis of its working efficiency and provide you with a recommendation as to which option might best suit you.

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With our own specialist marine architect, we can design every type of vessel for any industry – as well as developing bespoke and often groundbreaking solutions that cater for the unique needs of every individual client.

Listening carefully to the exact requirements of every customer, we have developed industry-leading solutions for maximising the fuel efficiency and productivity of vessels, and promoting sustainable fishing methods, safety and crew comfort. These include engine, gearbox, propeller and nozzle assemblies for ultimate fuel efficiency and touch-screen wheelhouse systems for optimised fish finding and safety management. We also fit the latest GPS navigation equipment as standard.


All of our boats are built to the most exacting industry standards set by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), Seafish, Class Authorities and the International Maritime Organisation for structural integrity, stability and structural fire protection, as well as the Code of Safe Working Practice for fishing vessels.

Not only that, but we build our own IT-powered safety monitoring systems, including touchscreen wheelhouse, vessel status screens showing safety and alarm systems. Through our dedicated apps, crew members can even monitor the status of their vessels when on-shore.

Catch quality

We provide the very latest in sonar finding technology to help trawler owners maximise their yields. Then, by installing leading processing, monitoring, storage, refrigeration and ice-making systems, we help them to ensure it remains in tip-top quality right to the fish market and consumer.

Powerful supplier network

We have direct access to leading components and services from more than 500 of the best marine suppliers of everything from engine parts to electrical components. These suppliers work with us to deliver on any requirement our customers might have – for example, in 2018 we were the first company to import a full Padmos engine package from the Netherlands, for installation on the Summer Rose trawler.

Crew comfort

We aim to create a home-from-home environment on every vessel we manufacture, recognising how important this is to the safety, wellbeing and productivity of onboard personnel operating in often challenging marine environments.

The living quarters on our working boats are of an exceptionally high standard, with every detail considered to enable the crew to make the most of their downtime.

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