Looking forwards, looking back

The launch of our new website seemed like a good opportunity to reflect on what the future holds for Parkol Marine Engineering.

With our 50th anniversary just a stone’s throw away, we’re experiencing the most rapid phase of growth in our history.

Boat production has doubled, with four vessels undergoing construction this year alone and a significant number of pre-orders lined up. So much so that, to service demand, in 2017 we opened a second, bigger, fabrication hall in Middlesbrough.

The new hall, measuring 35 by 70 metres and boasting three, dedicated 20-tonne cranes and fully-under-cover capability gives us the additional capacity to build steel or aluminium-hulled vessels up to 50 metres long, and paves the way for us to extend our services to other types of craft.

No better time

As one of only a handful of under-35 metre vessel manufacturers in the UK, we’ve built up an enviable reputation based on our track record of turning out 45 quality new-builds.

There is an unprecedented sense of optimism in the UK fishing industry currently, with owners commissioning new boats, keen to seize on positive conditions including buoyant stocks and healthy prices.

We are benefiting from tentative signs that – despite some ongoing political uncertainty – the UK economy is returning to a trend of gradual and consistent growth.

On the back of this, we are seeking out opportunities to diversify further into other types of boats, from pilot vessels to pleasure craft, and industries from fish farming to transportation and renewables.

Added to this, we are seeing an increasing number of enquiries from further afield, including Europe, which we are keen to pursue.

One eye on the past

At Parkol, we pride ourselves on our restless determination to continually learn and develop, and continually improve the quality and capability of what we offer.

“We never stand still,” added Parkol Managing Director Jim Morrison.

“From small and large design developments that will deliver better outcomes for our customers, to researching our industry and new and better products coming to market, we are continually looking for opportunities to deliver the best possible products and services to our customers.”

From developing the most efficient engine systems available, to the most technologically advanced safety solutions, we go over and a above to deliver something truly outstanding, every time.

However, in doing so, we never lose sight of where we’ve come from and our rich company heritage is the beating heart of Parkol.

We aim to approach everything we do, as a team, with smiles on our faces and a ‘can-do’ attitude, and treat ever customer as though we were working for them, and only them.

Our ties to Whitby and surrounding area as one of the area’s biggest employers is unequivocal and we will continue to play an active role in the cultural and business life of that community, providing opportunities for employment and training as one of our core goals.

Similarly, we are all the time building ties with new individuals and businesses in the Middlesbrough area, as part of our business footprint there.

“In terms of the largest size of fishing boat we are building there are only a few yards in the UK and we feel it is very important that we are carrying on boat building in Whitby.

“We are a yard and a name with one of the greatest traditions related to the town’s great marine heritage. From Parkol Marine our customers can expect an honest and reliable service, a high standard of workmanship, ingenuity and value for money.

“We meet deadlines, give a personal service, have a can-do attitude and are responsive to individual needs.

“We are very proud of Whitby’s heritage as a boat building port and the part we are playing in its continuation. With a healthy input of enquiries and from the potential orders viewpoint, the future for Parkol looks bright.

“We look forward to continuing to best serve our loyal customers, as a passionate family business, for many years to come,” concluded Jim.