Parkol know how to celebrate! Yards 022 to 025

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Parkol certainly like to celebrate and obviously some of our biggest celebrations are those that we have for our customers when we launch their new vessel. They are a fine affair attended by ladies in their dresses and heels and men wearing their best suits. We look forward to hosting similar events once it’s safe to do so, but for now we’re including some photos from the launch parties along with our usual vessel info.

A year after finishing Copious for Mark Anderson & Partners we built them another single and twin rig trawler of similar specification. Launched in May 2008, Yard 022 the sister ship to Copious was named Prolific.

Yard 023 was built for Ronnie Norquay and was named Noronya at a launch party in Whitby in September 2008. She was arranged for static gear creel fishing, and was manned by a crew of 7 men.

Pleides - Yard No 024, was built for Gary & Philip Hepburn. A 17 meter trawler arranged for single and twin rig trawling, Pleides launched in January 2009.

And finally for today, we bring you Yard 025, a 19m Twin Rig Trawler built for John Clark. John certainly knows how to throw a party! Dressed in kilts and accompanied by bagpipes, Reliance II was launched in Whitby in June 2009.


Photo credits:, Richard Potter, Pete Harwood

04 Noronya 072
05 Noronya
06 PLEIADES 2009
07 Pleiades Pete Harwood
08 Reliance II
09 Reliance II
10 Reliance II

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