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This week we have seen some return to the usual in the town and so we thought we’d do the opposite and show you some of the less than usual boats we have built.

Yard no. 016 was the Foy Boat. This was an unusual build project for Parkol and at only 9.8 meters, the smallest we have built. A foy boat is a small vessel primarily used to assist the mooring and servicing of a larger vessel. Their main task, undertaken for an agreed fee or foy, was to tow or kedge-haul sailing vessels in and out of the river estuaries. She was built in 2006 for Tees Licensed Foy Boat Association and is still in service.

February 2014 saw the start of the build of the Yard no. 032, Havilah, a Salmon Feed Carrier for LCL Shipping. She was built for delivering feed to Shetland’s many salmon farms and is capable of carrying 230 tonnes of salmon feed bags. At 27 meters, she was the biggest vessel built at our Whitby yard at the time.

In 2016 we built Able One, Yard 029, which was the first yacht that Parkol has built. The 26.75m mono hull yacht cruises at 10.0 knots and reaches a top speed of 12.0 knots. She has 2 decks with three guest cabins and can sleep up to 6 guests.


Photo credits:, Richard Potter

01 Foyboat
02 Foyboat
03 Foyboat
04 Able One launch
05 Able One
06 Able One wheelhouse
07 Havilah
08 Havilah
09 Havilah
10 Havilah

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