Yard 009 Emulate II & Yard 010 Harmoni

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In 2004 Yard 010 Harmoni, built for G. & M. Roberts Fishing (Nefyn) Ltd was completed first in June, then in September Yard 009 Emulate II built for H Locker And C.Lambert was completed.

Harmoni is a steel hulled Scalloper rigged for Queenie and Clam fishing with 8 dredges per side and automated catch handling. She has forward trawl winch, hinged outriggers, lifting gantry and Queenie riddles.  The shelter deck incorporates troughs, set into the deck at side over the length of the dredge bars to receive the catch.

Emulate II is a steel hulled motor fishing vessel originally rigged for single and twin rig trawling, with large aft working deck having deck mounted split net drum, trawl winch, trawl gallows and gantry, gilsen pole and fish hopper. She was later converted to a scalloper / trawler.  


Photo credits:, Richard Potter

EMULATEII Richard Potter
EMULATE II 171A4 size
HARMONI Richard Potter
HARMONI dredges
HARMONI scallops

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