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We’re spoiling you today with a bumper edition of 4 boats. Yards, 011, 012, 014 and 015. What about Yard 013? Call us superstitious but we didn’t build a Yard 13.

Yard 011 completed October 2004 and was named Rachel Jayne II – She was a steel-hulled fishing vessel rigged for Single and Twin Rig trawling, with a crew of four men. She was built for Ryan Whitehead, Maryport and has had a couple of owners since.

Yard 012 Celtic Dawn II completed in March 2005 She was arranged for static gear creel fishing having a vivier tank, freezer bait store and dry hold and with a crew of six men to man her. The vessel was built for Ronnie Norquoy, Celtic Dawn Fishing Ltd.

Yard 014 Rois Mhiari was built for John MacAlister (Oban) Ltd and completed in August 2005. She was rigged for scallop dredge fishing, with dredge emptying doors and catch handling conveyors for 10 dredges per side. The main deck working area had split trawl winches, hinged outrigger arms, dredge pulling in winches, with catch conveyors and dredge emptying doors incorporated into bulwark sides.

Yard 015 launched in November 2005 making Ebonnie the 3rd vessel that Parkol completed in the same year. A grand achievement for the 2nd year running! She was built for Nick Bright, Paignton. A bonnie lass indeed, she was arranged for static gear creel fishing, fitted with a vivier tank and dry hold, and to be manned by a crew of 6 men.

We’ve included photographs of the vessels at sea and during their build. Hopefully, you’ll spot some familiar faces amongst them.


Photo credits:, Richard Potter

11 RJ01
11 RJ02
11 RJ03
11 RJ04
11 RJ05
12 CD 1 at sea
12 CD 2
12 CD 3
12 CD 4
12 CD 5
14 RM01 at sea
14 RM02
14 RM03
14 RM04
15 EB01 sea
15 EB02
15 EB03
15 EB04
15 EB05
15 EB06
15 RM05
16 RM06

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