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Today, we’re bringing you the vessels we completed in 2006 and 2007 along with their basic specification.

Starting with Copious a.k.a Yard 017, she was completed in April 2006 and built for Mark Anderson & partners. She was arranged for single and twin rig trawling with fuel capacity of approx. 18000 litres. Length OA: 18.77m, Moulded Depth: 4.15m, Beam MLD: 7m.

Yard 018 completed in October 2006 and was named Star of Jura. Built for Star Fishing, she was rigged for scallop dredge fishing with a fuel capacity of 20000 litres. Length: 18.9m, Moulded Depth: 4.05m, Beam MLD: 7m. 

Aquila - Yard 019 - built for Alasdair and Cameron MacLean was completed in January 2007. She was arranged for static gear creel fishing, with a vivier tank, a fuel capacity of approx. 8,900 litres. Length OA: 14.95m, Moulded Depth: 3.5m, Beam MLD: 5.9m. 

Our Lass II completed in July 2007 was Yard 020. Arranged for single and twin rig trawling and the second in the Our Lass family to be commissioned by Lockers Trawlers. Length OA: 21m, Moulded Depth: 4.15m, Beam MLD: 7m. 

Finally for today, Yard 021 which completed in November 2007 was Radiant Star. Built for Victor Laurenson & Partners she was arranged for seine net fishing and trawling with a crew of five men she will be capable of carrying approximately 20,000 litres of fuel.

Enjoy the long Bank Holiday weekend. The forecast is for sunshine tomorrow!


Photo credits:, Richard Potter

01 Copious 0299
02 Star of Jura
03 Aquila
04 Our Lass II

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