Parkol helps to fund Captain Cook Memorial Museum’s 2022 exhibition

Have you spotted us in the Whitby Gazette last week?

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum was featured in the article about the next year’s special exhibition which will compare European and Polynesian navigation techniques in the 18th Century, both of which were extraordinarily effective in transporting ships over vast areas of ocean.

When the Museum contacted us earlier this year, we were delighted to help them to acquire an 18th Century log and line as well as a 28 second glass, which you can see on the picture.

A log and line consisted of a piece of wood which was attached to a long rope wound on to a reel. The rope had knots tied in it at various intervals. The log was thrown into the sea and the number of knots pulled over the ship’s rail in a given time period, measured by the glass, was recorded as the ship’s speed in the log book.

We would like to thank the lovely staff and volunteers at the Captain Cook Memorial Museum for the evening reception and private tour which we all enjoyed. We look forward to the new exhibition starting in February 2022!