Reliance III launched in Whitby

It was a proud moment when Reliance III launched in Whitby following one of the most challenging times that Parkol has faced since it started back in the 70s. Despite the set-backs caused by COVID-19 the vessel was launched on schedule, which is testament to everyone who worked on her.

This is the second boat that Parkol have built for owner John Clark. We built Reliance II for him back in June 2009. Now that she is in the water, there will be approximately a three weeks of testing, commissioning, sea and fishing trials. 

Reliance III is a 20 meter 190 ton twin rig trawler for catching fish such as haddock, cod, monk fish, megram, and prawn. It has been built with crew safety in mind, John has incorporated a number of new safety features plus is a more economical and environmentally friendly vessel to run.