Re-Design Re-Model

The team at Parkol will re-design, re-model and re-fit your commercial boat, aiming to meet your developing needs head on and using the latest in technology.

UK to Europe

We’ve built commercial boats for customers in the Shetland & Orkney Islands to the east & west coasts of Scotland, Cornwall, Devon, the wider UK & Europe.

Second Yard

In 2017 we were opened a second yard in the Port of Middlesbrough enabling us to service unprecedented demand and build bigger, more diverse vessels.

Commercial Boat Builders

Welcome to Parkol, a time-served commercial boat building company based in the heart of Whitby. Our specialist team includes highly skilled engineers, designers and our very own Marine Architect. Working closely with you during the design phase, we will be listening intently to your requirements in order to provide the vessel that was once just a vision. To begin your next project with a trusted and reputable team since 1997, get in touch today.

With close to 60 commercial boats built and launched over more than two and a half decades, we have the longevity and experience in creating the perfect vessel. From fishing trawlers to custom boats, maintenance and repair, we are recognised as one of the leading boat builders in the UK having won Boat of the Year award six times since 2015.

Your Workboat

Bespoke to your needs, our 70-strong in-house team is dedicated to your project. At Parkol we are supported by a hand-picked network of trusted, specialist contractors, calling upon these as needed.

Workboats we’ve built range in length from 10 to 34 metres and include a pilot vessel and two salmon feed carriers.

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