Fuel Efficient Savings

At Parkol we deliver typical fuel efficiency savings of between 15 and 25% through assessment and tailoring solutions for propulsion systems.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Our efficiency analysis helps determine if older service vessels require repair or replacement. We'll provide you with the right recommendation.

Grant Finding Assistance

Let Parkol assist with the requirements of grant bodies such as MMO. We’ll provide an in-depth, detailed scope of work to support your application.

Boat Maintenance UK

Based in the beating heart of Whitby, our dedicated professionals at Parkol are highly adept in the art of boat maintenance. Skilled across all types of repair and modification, we carry out routine maintenance and breakdown services as well as specialised one-off projects. Please get in touch with our team to discuss boat maintenance further.

At Parkol we’ll help maximise the lifespan of a vessel through annual servicing and maintenance. Our goal is to ensure your boat delivers ultimate potential for safety, performance and fuel efficiency. Through a drivetrain analysis on any older vessel, we’ll assess current performance and make recommendations for improving power, speed and fuel efficiency.

In-House Boat Maintenance

All boat maintenance at Parkol is conducted in-house alongside the production of custom-made propeller nozzles, ranging from 1300 to 2700mm in diameter. We’re also available to help with propeller refurbishment, vessel unit fabrication, shell plate replacement, stability assessment, ballast alterations, conversion of engine-cooling systems, seakeeping improvements, hull blasting and metallisation and upgrades and installations of fish-handling equipment and conveyors.

At Parkol we have our own dry dock facility based in Whitby. This means we can complete work both in and out of water, taking care of routine vessel maintenance and painting through to a complete overhaul and large-scale remodeling.

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