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At Parkol Marine Engineering we are proud to be recognised as one of the leading boat builders in the UK having won ‘Boat of the Year’ award six times since 2015.

Maximise Lifespan

Ensure maximum performance with annual servicing and regular repair and maintenance. Parkol is dedicated to safety, performance and fuel efficiency.

Savings Focused

With fuel efficiency savings of between 15 and 25% with bespoke, tailored solutions, we pride ourselves on helping customers save money overall.

Boat Repair & Refit

At Parkol Marine Engineering our dedicated team of professionals are highly skilled in all manner of boat repair, servicing and reconditioning. From routine maintenance and breakdowns to specialist one-off projects, we have you covered. Since 1971 boat repair and refits have included wheelhouse and casement enlargements and replacements, vessel lengthening and sheltering, vessel fishing type conversions, fuel efficiency upgrades, custom-made nozzles, engine replacement and hull shape modifications. To discuss boat repair with an expert, contact us today.

Related services include propeller refurbishment, vessel unit fabrication, shell plate replacement, stability assessment, ballast alterations, conversion of engine-cooling systems, seakeeping improvements, hull blasting and metallisation, and upgrades and installations of fish-handling equipment and conveyors.

Boat Refit

The team at Parkol has the skill and ability to completely redesign and refit every boat whilst meeting your needs. We cover shell plate replacement and the alteration of hull lines, wheelhouse and casing replacement, repurposing (turning trawlers into gill netters for example) and lengthening to increase fish hold capacity. If you’re looking for a complete boat refit in order to modernise your vessel, we can discuss this further.

At Parkol we have a dry dock system which means boat repairs can be carried out either in or outside of the water. Alongside standard repair and refits we also carry out shot blasting, water blasting, metallise and resurface vessels to help protect their long-term structural integrity. With a solid reputation across the local area and wider UK and Europe, customers continue trusting us with their boat repairs since 1971. 

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