Bark Endeavour Whitby

Project Details

We built the 40%-sized replica of the ship Captain James Cook sailed to the new world, using oak frames, larch planking and Douglas fir decking. The ship’s name is partially derived from its traditional ‘bark‘ construction, whereby larch planks were meticulously steamed into shape and fastened onto a solid English oak frame. Complete with hardwood decks throughout. There are three masts carved from Douglas fir: the ‘mizzen’ at the rear, the ‘fore‘ mast at the front and the larger ‘main’ mast in the centre, which stands some 12 metres above the deck. Considerable attention to detail was given throughout the construction to ensure that the ship authentically replicates the many features of the original vessel. Bark Endeavour Whitby is powered by two 6-cylinder 120 HP engines, which enables a travelling speed of 9 knots. She is fully equipped with the latest safety aids and navigation instruments to enable a secure passage at all times.

You can see her sailing out of Whitby Harbour most days carrying visitors to see Whitby from the sea.

Yard Number 006
Description 40%-size replica of HMS "Endeavour"
Build Year 2002
Construction Wood
Length O/A 13.37 m
Breadth Moulded 4.08 m