Guiding Light

Project Details

Steel-hulled motor fishing vessel, having round bilge hull, transom stern, bulbous bow, soft nose stem and with full length shelter deck and arranged for pair trawling trawling. Below deck she is subdivided by three watertight bulkheads into: aft accommodation with steering gear, engine room, fishroom and forepeak tank. The main deck has an athwartships, steel casing at midships for galley, mess, skipper’s cabin, oilskins and washroom.  Aft side has a steel shelter and integral gallow arrangement, over net drum space, continued to transom. Weathertight shelter on the forward side of the deck house for fish handling, fish hopper, ice machines, ice machine and washing machines’ locker, middle trawl winch and door to focsle store. Shelter deck: trawl gallows, power block crane, net drum, aluminium alloy wheelhouse, gilsen anchor winch and landing crane.    

Guiding Light is a sistership to Guiding Star (build 031).  Apart from a few very minor differences to working arrangements and internal layout, the boat is a virtual mirror image of Guiding Star. This underlines the consistently successful level of performance, in terms of fishing efficiency, seakeeping qualities and fuel economy, that Guiding Star has delivered since entering service four years prior, which clearly gave the owners the confidence to place an order for the second half of an identical pair team. Although sharing the same main dimensions as Guiding Star, the new boat’s round bilge hull incorporates a number of ‘little tweaks’ designed to give optimum levels of performance.  These include slightly fuller hull sections aft, and raising the shelter deck slightly.  A watertight full-width deckhouse separating the forward catch-handling area from the net-handling area on the quarter. The non-watertight deck shelter is constructed with steel from the deckhouse aft to the transom, and with aluminium alloy forward. Below main deck level, the layout from forward follows the norm of forepeak and chain locker, fishroom, engine room and accommodation cabin with a watertight full-width deckhouse separating the forward catch-handling area from the net-handling area on the quarter. Three Geneglace 2.5-tonne ice machines are housed in dedicated compartments situated on either side of the main deck forward of the fishroom hatch, Mitsubishi S6R2-T2MPTK main engine develops 480kW @ 1350rpm, and is coupled to a Reintjes WAF 474 7.476:1 reduction gearbox.

Yard Number 039
Description 26-metre trawler
Build Year 2018
Flag UK
Construction Steel
Length O/A 26 m
Breadth Moulded 7.80 m
Depth Moulded 4.25 m